Fishing Farms Hawaii...

Fishing Farms Hawaii managed by Ali'i Agriculture Farms, located in Central O’ahu it provides an opportunity to make life time memories.  We offer recreational fishing services that is fun for all ages! We have three ponds stocked with healthy tilapia, catfish and grass-carp that we rotate so that each pond does not become over fished. We also have one pond available for prawn fishing. We have a fishing truck that provides a cooking and cleaning service for the fish you catch for an extra fee, or you can buy the fish you've caught and take it home!  

Plan a school field trip or have a party! 

This is a field trip that will be remembered for the rest of their lives! Kids love to catch fish, regardless of their age! 

This is also a great place to treat your employees to a good time. Our fishing farms are a great way to encourage company bonding and celebrate! 

It is also a great opportunity for church and youth groups, a good wholesome activity that many will enjoy! 

Call us for more information and planning! (808) 690-0558

Disability Accessible

This is great fun for Care-Home Residents as well! Kids are not the only ones who like to fish. For many seniors, past fishing trips provide some of the best memories of their lives. Our fishing ponds are wheelchair accessible and we also have a shaded picnic area as well. We have had participants over the age of 90 who have enjoyed their time here.