Birthday Parties, Family Reunion and Company Parties!



When hosting an event at our Fishing Farm we have tables to reserve for $25.00 each where you can eat, put presents or food. We book tables for 4 hour windows. Please call in advance to book your date.

Please see our Pricing Tab for prices!

Food Rules

There is no grilling or BBQ’ing on the property so we ask that you only bring already prepared food to feed your guests. Keep in mind that we do offer a cooking service for the fish that you or your guests may catch for an additional cost.

Drinks are also available at the food truck for an additional cost.

Liability Forms

All attendees are required to fill out Liability forms to participate. The liability form is available in the ‘Liability Form’ tab at the top of the page. We recommend that you complete the liability form before the event so that if children are attending they can have parents sign beforehand. If not, we do have liability forms on site.

The adult who is hosting the event is also liable for keeping track of the individuals in their parties. Please write down and keep track of how many people are fishing and how many are not and report it to the fishing shack (office).

You are also liable for cleaning up after your event.